IDC Stakeholder consultation is the corner stone of resettlement. IDC works closely with individuals, households and communities to develop participatory solutions to ensure resettlement maximises the opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods, as well as to support the most vulnerable. Beyond interviews with PAPs, focus group discussions with key informants, IDC undertakes participatory cultural, natural resource, use and infrastructure mapping.


The role of the RAP consultant is to provide a compensation framework using the generic safeguards provided by the international financial institutions (IFIs) that is ‘fit for purpose’ within the socio-economic cultural context. The framework should have the flexibility to implement similar provisions from one village to the next, and yet create bespoke compensation packages within it to address the cultural socio-economic differences.


IDC believes that consulting with PAPs and listening to their suggestions to minimise impacts achieves the best results, especially when they help design the programmes. If replacement land is also being offered in an alternative location within the village, PAPs are best placed to recommend where they go and this can be organised by the village land committees so they can be assured security of tenure.

RAP Stakeholder Consultation in Tanzania Film