IDC facilitates the implementation of RAPs to ensure that cash compensation is paid, in-kind options are provided, capacity audits of potential service providers are undertaken, the process is captured and any grievances are resolved.


Once the agreement to resettle has been made, PAPs are anxious to resettle and the client is anxious to start working on the land. However, to ensure the principles of an IFC compliant RAP goes ahead, many things have to be put in place to ultimately ensure the RAP fulfils the agreement, which can take time.


IDC pre-empts the issues and during the RAP development stage, each service provider has already been identified, a capacity audit undertaken and the precise details and agreements are in place. This includes: bank accounts are set up, financial training is ready to start, the livelihood enhancements, the replacement land and the design and build elements are all in place. All wordings of service supply contracts, land tenure, roles and responsibilities and support mechanisms have been agreed by all parties. This mitigates that delays and all parties are satisfied with the expedient way implementation is carried out.