IDC works with surveyors and valuers to ensure that the international safeguards are met. We ensure the census captures all those living or using the land, regardless of status or gender and that replacement value compensation is provided.


Most countries have various Land Acts and policies describing how compulsory land acquisition should be carried out, but often policy is different from practice and often they do not meet international safeguards. The differences occur in who, what and how they are valued. This is especially so with regards to:

  • Current ‘market’ and ‘replacement’ value;
  • Valuation schedules in the ‘head of the household’ name, rather than the owner;
  • No special provisions for loss of livelihoods, loss of access or support for the most vulnerable.


IDC has 3 solutions:

  • IDC has facilitated various workshops with the key Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs). This includes sharing the rationale behind the international safeguards, working and negotiating with both the government and the client to ensure the required IFI provisions are integrated into the RAP to reach a timely financial close.
  • IDC has carried out specific training for Ministry of Lands in several countries including Tanzania to assist field data collation using an IDC developed programme to capture assets and has re-designed Valuation Schedule Books for user-friendly sign off and implementation.
  • IDC provides gender sensitivity training for surveyors and valuers before they go out to the field.

2013 Newsletter Q4 – Project Impacts