IDC undertakes independent audits on RAPs and all related interventions to ensure that the Project Affected Peoples (PAPS) are no worse off after resettlement and that lives and livelihoods have improved; making recommendations to address any issues arising.


There are multi levels of M&E carried out during the RAP process including PAPs resettlement consultants the client and Government. The financial institutions also require M&E at each drawdown of funds by the client to ensure that what was planned has actually been carried out.

IDC undertakes the independent M&E audits to safeguard the banks. IDC has faced several incidences where the RAP have not been implemented as planned and as a result, people are worse off than before. It can be a difficult decision to actually recommend that the banks do not release further funds and to stop a Project midway, as in its own right it can ‘do more harm than good’.


Before submitting a non-compliant report, IDC works with the developer to create awareness of the issues and the negative impacts of late or poor implementation. Working with the client, a road map is put together to address the issues, with time and costs associated with the mitigation measures required. The non-compliance report is then submitted with the mitigation plan. Invariably the bank accepts the plan, thereby keeping the project alive whilst retaining the safeguards.