In some cases, issues arise that need negotiated settlements and additional measures to offset previous resettlements that have been poorly designed or inadequately implemented. IDC works with both the Project Affected Peoples (PAPs) and Project to address the issues and settle disputes.


Conflicts in resettlement come in many shapes and forms. The challenge is to be responsive in the most culturally appropriate way.


Issues to be handled at the community level can include: intra-village level lands disputes, immovable not being valued at all, the wrong person being valued, the male head of the household assigned assets of various wives and issues associate with a PAP being deceased by the time of the provision of compensation.

Inter-community land issues, especially where there is no village land use plan, needs to be handled by the District or Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

Conflict over compensation values, are by applying IFC Performance Standards (PS5) ‘replacement’, rather than ‘current market’ value. This has to be negotiated with government prior to undertaking the valuations. Experience has shown that if structured carefully (using in-kind compensation as opposed to cash), as long as this does not set unsustainable precedents with Government, they will agree.

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