When IDC consults, new concepts, processes and skill sets are needed to implement the plan, the intervention or the programme, all which require capacity building.


Examples of IDC Capacity Building include:

Corporate Level

Corporations used to set up to run their core businesses for the benefit of their shareholders and pay their taxes to contribute to national building. Over the last twenty years corporate reputation, IFI safeguards, industry codes of conduct, conflict avoidance and government regulations now mean they need to incorporate the wider stakeholders. IDC has worked with numerous corporations to mainstream the soft factors into core business decisions including Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, local content and sustainable community development.

Communities Level

Setting up RAP committees require awareness on what makes a good representative, how participation of women and youth ensures inclusivity, how to listen to all participants, capture suggestions,  actions, assign roles responsibilities, assess associated costs and deadlines for delivery.

District Level

Working with local district community development departments to integrate baseline studies prior to interventions to ensure that the most appropriate solutions to implement them are in place and that M&E can take place to measure results. Additionally, training has been provided to use participatory process to design with the people how programmes can be effectively rolled out.

Ministry Level: Valuation Schedules

Where data capture is required to collect and collate valuations of hundred of types of immoveable assets at various levels of maturity and conditions, IDC has worked with and then trained government personnel to use a database capture that automatically calculates the myriad of variations for thousands of people using embedded formulae.

Ministry Level: Institutional Memory Building

Building the capacity of Ministry of Agriculture in Uganda to help ensure the culture of institutional memory was mainstreamed into the VODP culture.

2013 Newsletter Q1 – Early Measures