Academic and research institutions, political bodies and NGOs often need contributory data from the field but do not necessarily have the funds, personnel, skills or languages to collect it.


Examples of research carried out by IDC include:

State of the State: A socio-economic, political, infrastructure and public services review across all 23 LGAs in River Stateto inform on the current status, people’s opinions and priorities with over 300,000 responses.

Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait Community Trials: On behalf of Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), IDC undertook two research programmes:

1) socio-economic baseline studies to understand urban, peri urban and rural communities current health practice norms, understanding of malaria and preventions;

2) field trials of the ATSBs.

Learn more in the Malaria Journal research study “Attractive toxic sugar baits for controlling mosquitoes: a qualitative study in Bagamoyo, Tanzania”

Tea Value Chains in Kenya  

Lessons from the Kenya tea and Indonesia cocoa sectors

Learn more in the Natural Resources Institute Summary “Value Chains: Lessons from the Kenya tea and Indonesia cocoa sectors”

2016 Newsletter Q1 – Socio Economic and Health Baseline Study and Malaria Field Trials

Bagamoyo Beach: Participatory Socio-Economic & Environmental Solutions Report 

World Bank