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International Development Consultants

The founder, Ally Bedford, set up a small off the shelf company, Granary Ltd to carry out sustainable development work in response to the Rio Summit in 1992. Following its success, in 1998, it changed its name to the more appropriate, International Development Consultants Limited, simply known as “IDC”.

What We do?
IDC consults on all aspects of social sustainability and equitable development in most sector industries developing in the emerging markets.We specialise in land acquisition and involuntary resettlement (RAPs) in line with international best practice (IFC Performance standards). Read More

IDC carries out a RAP from Scope to Implementation as a participatory process. IDC engages with project affected peoples and working with them to find innovative solutions to actually improve lives and livelihoods in the relocation. IDC follows international best practice guidelines such as IFC Performance standards and believes that for the most part, in-kind compensation provides a more sustainable future. For those who opt for cash compensation, it is paid at replacement value.

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